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Produce Tables - Time for a Department Refresh

Produce Tables - Time for a Department Refresh

Despite all the advances in online grocery shopping and home delivery, there is still nothing like an in-store experience for the ultimate in sensory and visual fulfillment. Imagine the joy of shoppers who can feast their eyes upon a full variety of exquisitely displayed produce. Half of the sale is made with the eyes and nose – and the rest is up to the quality of the available merchandise.

As savvy supermarket executives know, produce is one of the main attractions of a grocery store. Shoppers love to see, feel and touch the fruits and vegetables they will take home to their families. The produce department often sets the tone for the entire shopping experience by surrounding shoppers with brilliant visions of fruit and vegetable possibilities.

If it is time for a department refresh, one of the best ways to up the ante on displays is through the use of produce tables. Made specifically to showcase the beauty of your natural product, tables make shopping easy from all angles and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations to suit your produce department needs. Let’s take a look at what else produce tables have to offer:

  • Modular Design: Most tables have a modular design that allow you to change the size and configuration based on space constraints and inventory availability.
  • Built in Shelves: Tables with shelves below allow for storage of more product and provide a great opportunity to cross merchandise for a boost in sales.
  • Risers and Trays: Add risers or trays to your tables for a more impactful presentation that uses less product. Risers make merchandising tables easy and naturally promote product turns, reducing spoilage and increasing profits.
  • Built in Lighting: Some tables include built in lighting for maximum product visibility.
  • Accessories: Outfit your tables with additional accessories to further enhance a buyers shopping experience. Scale holders, lighted canopies, slotted rails and bag dispensers can be incorporated for aesthetics and shopper convenience.

Keep your produce tables looking fresh by adding soft lighting, rotating product displays frequently and adding creative signage. In short – better produce tables produce better sales results.

ALCO Designs creates fresh merchandising solutions for all grocery store aisles that stop shoppers in their tracks. Let us help you put the latest produce display ideas to work in your store. Visit our website at https://www.alcodesigns.com to sign up for the complimentary e-newsletter with insights on in-store displays. Call 800-228-2346 today for new ideas on produce tables.

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