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Create a Destination for Shoppers in Your Produce Department

Create a Destination for Shoppers in Your Produce Department with Orchard Bins

While your produce department may never be the next Disneyland, you can still give shoppers a reason to come back again and again. Create a destination in your produce department with orchard bins! Orchard bins provide a “farm stand” feel and add visual interest to keep shoppers engaged with your offerings. Not only does that result in higher sales in that department, but the enthusiasm shoppers feel there could spread to purchases in other areas, raising profit levels for the entire store.

Produce Bins, Color Breaks, and Merchandise Magic

Your produce department needs orchard bins. Why? Because they let your merchandise shine in a way that standard shelving or other types of display options just can't accomplish. These bins can be everything from a standard square in a variety of different color options to a multi-tiered, complex design that can show off produce in ways you may not have previously thought possible.

People who are shopping for produce appreciate displays that are eye-catching, and that make produce look fresh, delicious, and high quality. Dimensional bins with unique designs, along with the break in color the bins provide, add up to merchandise magic. And that magic adds up to sales. Pale textures, rich cherry woods, and even bold, black bins are all ways to get customers looking more closely at your produce department and everything it has to offer.

Risers and Multi-Level Bins Draw the Eye
It's not just color or placement that help orchard bins take your produce department to the next level. It's also the way these bins display produce. Multi-level bins are an eye-catching addition and help shoppers see more of the produce you're offering. Risers add height to your bin displays and create massive presentation with minimal product. Shoppers will look longer and more carefully, because there appears to be more to look at. While not a guarantee they will buy, getting them to spend more time looking at the merchandise can help move them toward making a purchase.

Orchard bins come in single-level, two-level, and multiple-level options, so you can choose the bins you like best and have space for. You'll also want to look at the colors you have in your produce department, so you can choose bins that contrast well with existing displays and that will show off the produce properly. By doing that, you can go a long way toward building shoppers' interest in purchasing from your produce department and the rest of your store.

Ready to create your shoppers' new produce department destination? Reach out to ALCO Designs today to get started with beautiful orchard bins for your store.

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