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The innovation that saves you money and is environmentally friendly.

How much does your organize spend on Insurance Claims caused by Refrigeration Water Leaks?

  • BioPipe is 94% cheaper over a 10 year Life-Cycle.
  • BioPipe drainage system is proven yo reduce water leaks by 97% or higher. 
  • No Inconvenience of re-application every 6 months, BioPipe doesn’t wear out.
  • No Environmental impact of mixing toxic chemicals with condensate water
  • No Inconsistencies with product performance.

BioPipe Drainage System is proven to reduce water leaks by 97% or higher.

  • This saves time and improves performance
  • Green sustainable procurement supporting the commitments of Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Policies.
  • Step-change in approach being adopted by clients who realize Total Cost of Ownership benefits this innovation delivers.

Compare the BioPipe next to a regular one 

BioPipe will add value and benefit the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):

  • The TCO of a BioPipe system is significantly less than a standard drainage system.
  • Savings of 88% can be sensibly realized and achieved after 1 year of operation.

Standard Pipe Fully Blocked With Biofilm

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