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About Us 

Our Corporate Office
ALCO Designs is a manufacturer of merchandising displays catering mainly, but not exclusively, to the supermarket Industry. We are based in Gardena, CA and our display solutions are manufactured on-site and overseas from a variety of materials including plastic, wood and steel.

Our Globalization
Over the years, we have developed overseas manufacturing capabilities with on-site management which make the scope of our capabilities virtually endless and our prices even more competitive. With the combination of our merchandising capabilities at home and our overseas partners, this makes us a serious contender for any and all of your upcoming bids. Simply contact one of our capable sales associates for help.

Our Mission Statement
We are dedicated to expanding our product line through the development of new, innovative merchandising solutions. We are consistently pushing to think outside the box and use the latest materials and technologies available to create merchandising displays of the highest quality. Our goal is to design products that improve profitability and ensure a quick return on your investment, while improving product presentation.

Along with striving for excellence in design and manufacturing, we are also sincerely concerned with the needs of the environment. Our position as a manufacturer requires us to act responsibly. Alco Designs pledges to utilize all raw materials to their full potential and responsibly reduce, reuse and recycle all waste material.

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ALCO Designs
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