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Merchandising Strategies for a Better Bakery

Running a successful bakery isn’t just about preparing scrumptious baked goods. The way you present these products can have a significant impact on sales. Here are a few tips that will help ensure that your products look as enticing as they taste and smell.

Choosing the Right Display Fixtures
The way you present food has a significant impact on sales. Choosing the proper display fixtures and making sure they are placed in an area where they are clearly visible to customers entering the bakery is vital. There are a variety of display options to choose from - from counter and wall displays to carts, racks and stands – so the options are endless. Make sure you choose the right displays for size and aesthetic of your bakery, and the baked goods you are presenting.

Cleanliness is Key
It goes without saying that clean fixtures are a must. Make sure any evidence of crumbs, icing, sprinkles, seeds, etc. are removed, and clean glass and acrylic surfaces on the regular to remove fingerprints and smudges. A sparkling display case will always give your baked goods the attention they deserve.

Present Your Baked Goods in the Best Light Possible
The right lighting is critical to increasing bakery display appeal. Your display cabinets should be equipped with abundant lighting to ensure products are easily seen. Great lighting will help draw attention to the product and appeal to the customer’s sense of sight, making colors pop and bringing life to your bakery displays.

Rearrange and Replenish
As baked goods sell throughout the day, rearrange the remaining product to give the illusion of abundance and freshness. If you have nesting tables, condense products down to one and tuck any empty fixtures away. Multi-sided display? Condense the product to fewer sides as the day progresses. Introducing fresh offerings throughout the day will also help to keep displays abundant and enticing.

Signal with Signage
Never underestimate the power of signage. An effective tool for attracting customers, make sure labels and signs are neatly arranged and clearly visible from a distance – and don’t be afraid to add a pop of color. Signage can be simple, showcasing the name of the product and the price, or more elaborate, containing ingredients used to prepare the baked goods or even pairing tips.

Bakery departments are a sensory experience and should appeal not only to our senses of taste and smell, but also to sight. Follow these tips and you’re sure to entice your customers to try more and buy more. Alco Designs is your in-store display expert for the highly competitive fresh food industry. Contact us to discuss your needs. We can help you establish your products with unique, eye-catching displays that speak to the quality of your foods.

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