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Contemporary Modular Dry Table [DT800]

This is not your average Dry Table. If you’re looking for something new, this could be it. Clean sleek lines give this table contemporary visual appeal like no other table. Great for all your organics or for a colorful tropical display.  Available with or without pricing and also in a smooth side version made of high pressure laminate. Either way you order it this table is a head turner.  Shown here with accessories (sold separately). Available 10’ to 28’ [305 to 336cm] in 2 foot [61cm] increments.

Size 72" x 10' to 28' x 49-1/2"  [183 x 305 to 336 x 126cm]

The Benefits of Anti-Microbial Agent
Added to Plastics

We found a technology developed by a European Plastics company that launched a biomimetic solution for Anti-Microbial Plastics in mass production.

We currently have the capability to add Sani-concentrates to our plastic sheets to safely create self-sanitizing products giving our Fresh Merchandising displays an Anti-Microbial property of up to 99% in less than 24 hours.

What is Sani-concentrates?

Sani-concentrates contains the trace element Zinc. Zinc is a mineral found in our food like spinach, chocolate and meat. Zinc used in plastics does not migrate outside of the plastic, thus giving no any "additives" to the produce sitting on the display. Plastic infused with Zinc creates a hostile environment for bacteria growth giving extra shelf life for your produce on display. Zinc is generally recognized as Safe (GRAS) and is permitted for use in plastics for the food industry.

What does this mean?
The Anti-Microbial Plastic will inhibit bacteria growth, creating a hostile environment in which bacteria cannot survive. This means, your produce would have extra day of shelf life, thus increasing profitability.

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