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Grocery Store Displays that Stop Shoppers in their Tracks

Grocery Store Displays that Stop Shoppers
in their Tracks

As a supermarket executive, it gets frustrating watching how consumers react to in-store displays. You try to be creative and interactive, yet they just walk right by your artfully-arranged produce without even glancing up from their smartphones. So what can you do to generate engagement, stop shoppers in their tracks, and make more sales? You can up your display game, and take full advantage of the lure of in-person shopping. Here are some of the latest visual display ideas that will knock the socks off shoppers and keep them coming back for more:

  • Get interactive: Consumers today want more opportunities to interact with the products they are buying. Include more videos and touch-enabled screens to make the in-store experience personal. Increase smartphone interactions with apps that let shoppers swipe and view.
  • Shed some light on it: The grocery store can sometimes be an unending trail of harsh lighting. Get creative in the use of lighting to draw attention to featured products and sales.
  • Don’t be such a square: Supermarkets tend to be a boring collection of rectangular and square displays. Jazz up your displays with round bins, multi-sided bin sleeves, dynamic wall displays, and euro-style table presentations.
  • Get seasonal: You know that consumers love the seasonal approach, so really put some effort into your summer displays but don’t make them go running all over the store. Put everything they need for the perfect pool party in one stunning display, highlight it with a colorful beach umbrella, add some ocean sounds, and watch them swim on over!
  • Reach for new heights: Are your shoppers tired of digging through piles of fruit and vegetables? Try wowing them with a stunning colorful wall of healthy fruits and vegetables! This visual display enables you to utilize wasted vertical space, and transforms your produce area into a sleek and streamlined showcase. No produce ends up buried or forgotten and alone, less perishable merchandise is needed to create an attractive display, and less labor is needed to stock the shelves.
ALCO Designs manufacturer’s fresh merchandising solutions for all grocery store aisles that stop shoppers in their tracks. Let us help you put the latest display ideas to work in your store. Visit the website at https://www.alcodesigns.com to sign up for our complimentary e-newsletter with insights on in-store displays. Call 800-228-2346 today for new ideas on product displays.

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