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ALCO Design's New VersaWall

ALCO Design's New VersaWall Revolutionizes
Produce Departments

Picture it -- a lush, colorful wall of healthy fruits and vegetables that greets customers the moment they enter your produce department. It's not just a dream anymore. With the new, innovative VersaWall from ALCO Design, you can transform your existing produce display to utilize wasted vertical space. Instead of unsightly piles of bagged celery, carrots and spinach that slip and slide everywhere, including onto the floor, your produce display can be sleek and streamlined, showcasing everything you have to offer in a way that's organized, neat and attractive.

Improved Design Means Less Loss, More Sales
ALCO Design offers a line of vertical merchandising wall displays that let you customize the way your customers view and shop your produce. It includes the vwall, the vwave, the vtray and the hwall -- an entire range of display and organization solutions that will revolutionize the look and freshness of your wares. Try one or mix and match to create the perfect, versatile produce display system.

With a vertical merchandising system from ALCO, no produce ends up buried, forgotten and alone. You won't worry about the possibility of hidden food going bad or passing its expiration date because you didn't know it was there. And with a vwall from ALCO, less perishable merchandise is needed to create a full and attractive display. Less fruit on display means less ordering and less opportunity for spoilage -- all which translate into a healthier bottom line for your business.

Easy Merchandising Solutions Equal Less Labor
ALCO Design's vertical merchandising systems have been created with convenience in mind. Easier to shop, easier to maintain, your new vwall, vwave, vtray or hwall improves customer experience by leaps and bounds, and it helps increase stocking efficiency as well. This translates into less labor hours needed to fill and rotate your produce department, which, in turn, leads to less money going out and more coming in.

Innovative Displays Provide Safe Storage
All of ALCO Design's vertical merchandising systems are manufactured using anti-microbial ABS Material that won't leech harmful chemicals into organic produce. They're easy to install, and fit in your existing case. Additionally, all are easily cleaned and maintained.

When you're ready to up your produce game, give ALCO Design's eye-catching vertical merchandising systems a try. Attractive, efficient, and beneficial to any business, they're real crowd pleasers that will bring customers flocking in droves to your fresh fruits and vegetables.

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