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Produce Tables

When a customer walks into most grocery stores the first thing he is likely to see are the produce tables loaded with an amazing variety of different kinds of produce. These tables are specifically designed to showcase the many different fruits and vegetables in such a way as to make them more appealing to the customer. If you were to just stack the produce on flat tables they would not look very appealing and your sales would definitely suffer. However showcasing the fruits and vegetables is only one part of the design process. Fruits and vegetable are easily bruised and damaged and nobody is going to buy damaged produce. A lot of thought goes into designed produce tables that will help make it easy to stack the produce neatly and safely so that none of it will be damaged during the time it spends sitting on the tables waiting to be sold.

At this it must also be said that the design must be such that it makes it easier for the produce stock person to fill the tables without damaging the produce. While it all well and good for produce tables to make it easy for the stocker to fill them up and for them to showcase the various fruits and vegetables, they must also make it very easy for the customers to be able to reach the produce. Customers want to be able to pick through the produce on display and find the ones that they like the look of best before they will buy anything. If they cannot access all of the produce without having to reach too far back or too high up they may walk past the display and go elsewhere for their produce. There are two basic types of produce tables; there are the dry ones that are designed for those fruits and vegetables that do not need to be kept cold to preserve their freshness such as most citrus fruits and apples or bananas. These tables are designed with several layers so that the store can stock large quantities of produce on each table, often place complementary produce on different shelves to try and catch the impulse buyer.

Then there are the wet produce tables or the ones that are designed to allow the produce department to put those fruits and vegetables that need to be kept cool on ice so that they stay fresh for longer periods of time. Produce such as berries and broccoli need to be kept nice and cool to maintain maximum freshness as they tend to go bad very quickly in the warmth of store, which can seriously affect your profit margin. If you are opening a new grocery store or refitting an existing on and are looking for a supplier of produce tables and a many other forms of retail fixtures to equip your store you need to browse the catalog of Alco Designs. Here you will find over 2000 items to help you furnish your store in ways that will help both your employees and your customers navigate their way around your produce department.

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